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Kitty's Biker Page(me and my bikes)
Kitty's Bike Page
Me and my bikes

Greetings to all... Although this page did/does highlights mainly Michigan riders,and Hondas, it is dedicated to riders everywhere. The purpose of this page is to show the world this sport, hobby, way of life, whatever. Moreover, it is to show we're not bad people, as Hollywood has a habit of portraying us. Bikers come in all shapes and sizes, be it a 2 year old on a mini bike, or a Grandma on her Hog at Sturgis. Most of the bikers I have known are good, down-to-earth people. From Officer Dave of the Virginia Beach P.D. (who, at the time I knew him, rode a BMW 1300 in his off time) to Cheri who worked with my wife in a fancy hotel (Her and her hubby have about 7 Harleys between the two of them). Then there's my wife's younger brother who loved dirt bikes. KTM (as he was known on the web) got me into dirt bike riding about 10 years ago. I rode mostly on road bikes, so this was kind of new to me. I ride both now. As will as 4 whelers, that I drift. I've had my share of bikes over the years & must say I'm a Honda man, personally. That's just me now. My father would say Indian. He had a '43 shaft driven in the '50's. My uncle has had good luck with Yamaha's. And the wife's brother told me that their all good, it just depends on what you're looking for in a bike. With all that said, I hope you enjoy this look into bikes & bikers as I see them...

2011-2012 pics

03/31/11 & 05-01-11 Richard & I on my 1990 CR125

Richard on a 1973 Suzuki TS 50

I can fly...Ok maybe just a little... and others on 06-07-09 & 07-07-10

02/22/08 Libby in the buggy...05/28/08 Libby spring 08

The boys in the buggy about 4-10-09

04/16/08 Kat got a newer bike today...2003 Suzuki 650 Savage

These are some of the bikes we're had over the yrs.

Sean & I on Quads about mid May 10

In 1985 Honda donated 10 bikes to the Career Development Center of Virginia Beach. 7-CBX 1100's, 2-400A's and this 650 Twin Turbo, at the time the fastest production bike on the market. This is where my "love affair" with motorcycles began.

This was one of my first bikes, a 82 Honda CB450E.

This is my "little sister" Shelley when she was learning to ride.

My Dad & his bike in about 53 ?

The Virginia Beach Motorcycle Association, well, some
of us, anyway. I was a member of this club from the Spring of
'87 till sometime in '91, when I moved to Michigan.

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